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Google PageRank: Just a Number

Google PageRank: What is it Good For?

There’s been talk recently that Google has updated the PageRank for sites across the web: some are losing PageRank while some have seen significant increases. When it’s all said an done, it doesn’t mean a thing.

Sure, I look at it too. And, yes, sometimes as an SEO I obsess a little about it. It’s nice to know that a fairly arbitrary measure, the little green gas tank of trust, is getting full. More importantly, for savvier clients who have some measuring tools, and have enabled the PageRank function of the Google toolbar, is comforting for them to see their website get higher and higher in PageRank. Heck, I like to see it too; it gives me the feeling that Google is actually paying attention to my site(s) and rewarding/commending the work I’ve done for the website(s).

The PageRank toolbar gives SEOs important tips as to what Google thinks is important:

  1. Cached Screenshot of your site.

    Choose the “Text” only version of the cache to see what Google sees when they index your site. This is how you’ll know if you are being indexed and relevantly ranked for the keywords you’re targeting.

  2. Backlinks to the page in question.

    We all know that high quality, relevant backlinks with keyword targeted anchor text pointing back to you is essential.

But, in the end, your site’s PageRank doesn’t mean anything at all when thinking about organic search rankings. It’s pretty, it’s comforting, and above all, a high PageRank cultivates trust among visitors. That is, PageRank says to users that the information you have on your site is trustworthy, relevant, and could be valuable for the user. And, that, folks is what PageRank really does.

That’s what is so special about PageRank; users feel like the information they’re getting from your site is trustworthy and solid. I agree with Barry, focus on your site’s content and links. Because, after all, it’s about getting found through queries, making conversions, and getting your clients a nice ROI. If you focus on PageRank, it’s more than likely, everything else suffers. PageRank will come with better content and more high quality, relevant links to you.

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