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May 2, 2011

The Disillusioned Client: A Better Brand of Client

by Anthony Verre

Disillusioned Clients Are Better ClientsClients lose that naive trust and faith fast, if it was ever there to begin with. However, as SEO becomes more widely adapted as a need-to-have in any online campaign strategy, there are those who will be dealing with SEO, and possibly online/search marketing for the first time. It won’t be long before they’re jaded; there are a lot of hucksters out there, and they’ll have perceived the experience as been taken for a ride in some way, shape, or form. This is the exact person we’re NOT dealing with in this post.

There is a difference between being a disillusioned client and a jaded client. In that the disillusioned client has seen successes with SEO; whereas, a jaded client is usually in a place too far gone, in a place where they’ll have to resolve some scar tissue and mental healing before they step back into the ring with SEO.

Disillusion is Good For Clients Too

Trust. It’s what every search and online marketer needs from clients. So, you might be puzzled why I’m suggesting a loss of trust is a good thing for clients to have, and why it would benefit the marketer? It’s blind trust we’re aiming to shed. It’s the client Texas Hold Em’ equivalent to “all in”. The big push to double-up and stay solvent in the game. It’s this blind faith that pins SEO as their first and last hope to a) build more revenue from online lead gen b) recover lost market share from competition that’s been kicking the snot out of them on the web, and c) create more brand-visibility/equity to usher in new streams of consumers.

It’s the client’s blind trust and faith in SEO that leads to train-wrecks, unreal expectations, and potentially being worse off when they started. Disillusion is good for clients and marketers. The trust you earn with a client that has been burned before is real trust. It’s a level of trust that’s broken through cynicism/BS/magic barrier, and, therefore, is a trust that’s been earned through quality work and repeated, measurable results. That is no small feat.

All-in Clients Don’t Want Honest Expectations

For an SEO, honesty is about setting the expectations. It’s something that I alluded to in Nick LeRoy’s excellent post last week. Expectations can only be set when real objectives are present and known. Otherwise, every client under the sun wants: “more leads”, “more online revenue generation”, “more qualified traffic”, etc, and that’s the only objective. MORE.

It’s true, SEO can do that, but an SEO has to help the client see what it is they really want. Not three months from now, but twelve months from now. If SEO can’t pull that information out of them, and the client can’t envision it and clarify it, then there isn’t an expectation on the planet that can cover that.

That fact of the matter is “all in” clients don’t want your honesty. Clients don’t want to think about systemic issues; they want 180 degree help now.They want the online and search marketing life preserver. Not long after this, a disillusioned client.

Why Disillusioned Clients Are More Mature Clients, Better Clients

Just like a once disillusioned SEO is a better marketer, so too is a disillusioned client a better client. It’s not that a client puts less pressure for results or is more apt to give trust from the onset; the pressure remains a constant and trust still has to be earned, and frankly harder to earn, but the expectations are adjusted.

Going from an all-in position as a client looking for miracle marketing, to a more mature online/search marketing client, not only helps naturally set more realistic expectations and, with a little sleuth work from the SEM, can surface the real objectives, but allows the SEO to be more honest about the what his/her skill set can help and what it can’t help. Disillusioned clients rarely go back to all-in positions once they’ve been there. Call it gun-shy, call it risk-averse, they’ll never again bundle everything in a single strategy again. When’s the last time you got torched and then made the exact same mistake?

When you’ve got a disillusioned client that’s looking to diversify online strategy, and you’ve got a disillusioned SEO with diverse knowledge of online and search marketing and the skill set to match, it’s a 1:1. Everyone comes to the table with their palms face-up and sleeves rolled (ideally) because no one’s got time mask their intentions. Questions and answers. More questions, more answers, and real objectives are discovered. Real, meaningful, multi-pronged strategies are built.

The first part of the disillusioned series is over at Search News CentralThe Disillusioned SEO: A More Mature Marketer.

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