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June 22, 2010


Why You Should Still Be Using Sphinn

by Anthony Verre

Building up Your Link ProfileConfession: I have been ignoring Sphinn for the last year and half. For me, there just wasn’t anything there, save the rare post or two, that actually was worth reading. But recently I’ve come back to Sphinn. And, with the addition of five new editors, Sphinn 2.2 on the horizon, and some stimulating comment discussions, I think it’s making a comeback in the SEM world.

There’s a sentiment, most likely still around today, that the quality of posts are lacking. There might even be the notion that Sphinn is a “Who’s Who” type club, where industry-status pushes posts hot and not necessarily the quality of the post (even if they are unknown).

For the uninitiated, Sphinn is a search engine marketing news site where users can submit articles, posts, anything really, that they feel is newsworthy and provides good information to the community, in a nutshell. Full Sphinn explanation. And, even though I think the quality of Sphinn has been increasing over the past few months, that’s not what brought me back.  It’s the link profile building that brought me back.  Let me explain.

While researching for another post (hopefully coming soon to a browser near you), I was looking over some link profiles of various sites. One I happened to run across was a Search Engine Journal post that happened to go hot on Sphinn. And wouldn’t you know, there were some nice links coming back from Sphinn. And, more than just the homepage and other high level sections; individual users that sphunn the post were providing links as well.

Get Good, Relevant Links From Sphinn

Get Your Hot, Relevant Links On

Here’s a example of what I mean. Turning Point in the Field of SEO, just recently went hot, and has been on the site for one day. Because it went “hot” you’d most certainly expect to see the Sphinn Hot page and Sphinn homepage in the link profile for this post. What you might not expect to find is individual users’ sphunn pages giving links back to the post. And, while they are nofollowed links, they are relevant, authoritative links nonethless to increase your link profile.

Turning Point in Field of SEO Link Profile

Click to Enlarge Image

Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes

So you might think, this only applies to “HOT” posts on Sphinn. You’d be wrong. While you won’t be getting the followed, high powered links from Sphinn top-level pages, you’re still getting links from the individual profiles. And, again, these links may not be providing link juice, they are building up your link profile, and you are getting a link from a authoritative, relevant domain.

Hugo Guzman’s post on the Myth of Volume-Based Link Building has been on Sphinn for one day as well. Unfortunately, for Hugo, this post hasn’t gone hot. As I write this, it’s sitting on the 3rd page of “Hot or Not” with 11 sphinns. Yet, here’s what his link profile looks like for this post:

Still Building a Link Profile from Sphinn

Click to Enlarge Image

His post is getting some nice relevant, domain-authoritative links back to it (even if they are nofollowed).

Another Handy Tip

Beyond getting the links, what you may have noticed in those link profiles are the users. Yes, that’s right, looking at these link profiles you can identify Sphinn user profiles which get crawled more frequently and have more “pull”. Therefore, getting users with more pull to sphinn your post is going to help build your link profiles faster.

*Caveat Emptor*

Before writing this post, I spoke with a Sphinn Admin. For the record, I am not endorsing, nor do I condone spamming Sphinn with low-quality and/or self-promotional nonsense. Frankly, if you’re that desperate for links, you need to find a better way than busying the moderators and admins at Sphinn with your crap. Please use this information responsibly and ethically.

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  1. Jun 22 2010

    I almost always find something of interest on Sphinn, and I tend to pop in once every day or two (sometimes more than once a day). That is in addition to the opportunity to submit my posts and other articles I read. It’s a great site for anyone in the website marketing business.

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