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September 18, 2009


Give Out Your #SEMCrush

by Anthony Verre
Give out Your #SEMCrush

Give out Your #SEMCrush

Earlier this week, Dana Lookadoo (Lookadoo), Shana Albert (NannyTweeting), and I came up with a new way to show your Twitter love. #SEMCrush. Don’t get me wrong, #FollowFriday is great. It’s just that with every new person that you want to follow you, you pick up 5 spam bots.

#FollowFriday was born in January 2009 with Micah Baldwin’s Tweet. (Read the entire history at Mashable’s Anatomy of a Twitter Trend) Essentially, what this story proves, is that it only takes a few to get a good thing started. And, unfortunately, it only takes a few to exploit it before it becomes worthless.

And, that’s where #followfriday is at today: nearly worthless and a total, complete SPAM tag. I’m not saying don’t use the tag, by all means use it. But, we wanted to celebrate the SEM industry with a hashtag that means something to community. Thus #SEMCrush was born.

It’s a way to show your honor and respect for folks in the search marketing industry. And, since “crushing” is all the rage these days (i.e. #girlcrush, #bromance, etc.) why not have one for the SEM people.

Spread Your #SEMCrush This Friday

So, with the last half of this Friday, spread your #SEMCrush, or #semcrush, to anyone whom you honor and respect in the SEM industry.

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