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The New SEOmoz: Redesigned and Rebranded

SEOmoz’s New Look and Feel

Woke up this morning to a new SEOmoz:

SEOmoz's New Look and Feel


I think the SEOmoz team really nailed the design, taking user action into account.  The site is set up to funnel users into the site and have them perform goals, whereas the old design left the user aimless and wandering (so to speak).

SEOmoz Did A Great Job. What Can Small Business Learn From This?

Great job to the SEOmoz team.  Small and medium-sized businesses can take a tip from SEOmoz: every so often, it’s necessary to makeover yourself.  You still have the same values and services, just a new look and feel. It’s a way to spice up the everyday, give your loyal customers something to appreciate, while broadening your reach to a new segment.

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