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The Rise and Fall of Twitter:

If you read The Death of Twitter post on this blog, then you have to see this video.

Kudos to Crunchgear’s Nicholas Deleon and his brother Gabriel. Fall down funny.


Google Chrome Beta: Google’s New Browser

Google Chrome: The New Open Source Browser

Google's Open Source Browser

Google, yet again, is going to attempt another hostile takeover of the internet marketplace with Google Chrome

There’s tons of solid info all over the web already, at places like Techmeme and Blogoscoped.

Heck, Google even released a comic book illustrating how they want this new browser to work, piecing the best parts from Firefox, Safari, Opera, and a bunch of other browsers, to compile this open-source monster. Right now a Beta version of the browser exists only for Windows, but the G-Men are hard at work making it compatible for Mac and Linux.

UPDATE: (9/3/2008)

The Google Chrome Browser has been released into the wild. You can download Chrome here. You should also check Matt Cutts’ blog for his explanations of where Chrome is going and what it can do now.

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