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Cuil: Pretty UnCuil

Cuil Will Not Contend with Google (Or Anyone For That Matter)

Danny Sullivan posted on in the wee hours of the morning on Search Engine Land about Cuil (pronounced “Cool”). It’s a great post by Danny, as usual, and it’s a must-read.

New Cuil Search Already Down

If Cuil is really going to make a run at Google and attempt reorganize the order of the “Big 3” (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft), then they can’t afford to go down. Ever.

In all my time using the web and surfing it, I’ve never seen Google go down. Not once. Maybe some of the old guard has seen it, but I’m not aware it’s happened. Is the fight over before it even started? This is not a good sign. Just look at what happened to Twitter and the infamous “Fail Whale”. How many devoted users migrated somewhere else because they could never use Twitter?

Round 1: Google.

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