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September 13, 2008

5 More SEO Essential Social Marketing Sites

by Anthony Verre

Your SEO Social Marketing Arsenal: It’s Expanding

A few days ago I compiled a list of 5 social marketing sites I felt were a must for any SEO to have in their back pocket. And, while there is some negative press circulating around social bookmarking/media/networking sites lately, I still think they are indispensable if you are going to build brand recognition and awareness. Not to mention a great way for people to discover you in the abyss of the web. (Hey, it’s a big place and you don’t want to be in the trapped in the black hole of the nether-web). And, if you can produce some good content, you can also build some solid links to your sites to help out with your organic ranking.

5 More Social Marketing Sites:

1) Delicious (

A popular social bookmarking site around since 2005. Even though all the links are “nofollow” from, it’s a great spot to build more backlinks to your site (you just don’t get the linkjuice). And, if you use SEO for Firefox (a nifty tool you should have in your arsenal already) these are listed in the “look up” function. The trick to getting your URLs bookmarked enmasse in is to build up a huge network. This is great place to get deeplinks back to pages that you need to boost in organic rankings. What’s really nice about delicious is you can add a toolbar to your browser (I.E., Firefox, Safari, Opera) to bookmark as you’re going through the web. I certainly recommend adding this toolbar to your browser; it will save you tons of time.

2) Stumble Upon (SU)

Another social bookmarking site that’s a little bit more visually pleasing than and more accessible in my opinion. SU has a toolbar as well (for I.E. and Firefox), that let’s you “stumble” onto other people’s bookmarked sites and vote them “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. When you stumble, you get sites from people with like-minded interests. Another site you need to be on and build up a fan base to increase the backlinks to your site. And, again, all links are “nofollow”, so you don’t get the linkjuice, you just get the link back to the page. Another great way to get deeplinks to deep pages in your site.

3) Propeller

This is AOL News’ social media site. You can submit your articles here after you create a profile. If you can get your article/story on the homepage, you can get some excellent juice back to your site; however, unlike other social media sites, there “What’s New” page doesn’t have any juice. So you’ll need to create some dynamite content and have a big network backing through a social sites to see PageRank benefits from this site. All stories are followed on Propeller.

4) Mixx

A newer social media site that still in BETA (read: fully functional, but can’t be blamed for bugs and hiccups) It’s not very crowded at the moment, and there is some pretty spammy stuff on there, but with the right content, you get all votes you’ll need and transfer some decent linkjuice back to your site. I debated about putting this site in the Must Have list, as it was fairly uncharted territory, but my better judgment kicked in.

5) Mahalo

It’s a human-powered search engine created by Jason Calacanis. It’s sort of like an online directory, but not really. I recommend creating a profile and submitting some links. It’s another way to get good backlinks to your site and some deeplinks if the MODS (moderators) think they’re worthwhile. So there it is: the 5 more social marketing tools every SEO/SEM can add to their social marketing arsenal. If you know of anymore that you’ve found particularly helpful, drop me a line.

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