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September 12, 2008


5 Must Have Sites of Social Marketing

by Anthony Verre

The 5 Must Have Sites of Social Marketing:

It’s all the rage now: social bookmarking and networking.

It’s link-body-building on steroids. I have to admit: I was skeptical. I thought, “Digg might survive, and couple others, but it will most likely die out within 3 years.” Right. I was wrong. It’s bigger than ever, it’s badder than ever, and it’s made the internet nearly transparent. I’m a believer: all it took was Simply Hired.

If you’ve never been there, let me explain: Simply Hired, in its essence, is simply a carnivorous bot that scrapes the net for job lists and republishes them. It “socialized” other website’s proprietary listings. It blew me away. That was 3 years ago. Now it’s the staple of any website’s longevity: what’s the social aspect. Can I share, can I publish, can I gather a following to spread the word?

The Five Sites an SEO Can’t Live Without

1) FeedBurner

(we’re under the assumption you or your clients have a blog.) Don’t know what I’d do without it. Honestly. A central location to manage your blog’s distribution (and client blogs), nice tools to help optimize your blog, and statistics measurement on subscribers. It’s Google-driven, which means you’re reaping the benefits of being in Google Blog Search and on the fast track to being found and spread virally. Check out this Feedburner 101 on Google if you need more reasons to get on board.

2) Digg:

yeah, it’s not the same Digg it once was. It’s being overrun with prepubescent folks posting some outlandish junk, but every once in while you’ll find a diamond in the rough. Be that diamond. Digg carries a lot of weight and tons of people surf it; you can get a lot of valuable eyes, not to mention links if you create content that spreads. Though, be warned, and don’t get discouraged, if your posts become stagnant out there.

3) Sphinn:

(this is not an attempt to brown-nose) This is mainly for SEO/SEM professionals, people that have some skin in the game (and good articles and advice to improve it) Great site to build your reputation within the SEO community, make some connections, and learn a few things.

4) Facebook:

Having a Facebook page is essential in the social network/media game. I don’t recommend their ad system, but having a client/company page is key. It’s a great way to build up a local base of people and give your “stony-corporate-image” a “humanistic” face lift. Not to mention it’s another source where you can get pretty good links back to your site. MySpace is just a cesspool now, and I don’t think it offers any real value for companies or clients.

5) Twitter:

The latest and greatest out there. It’s IM on HGH. You may have read about the Twitter auction, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this one. It’s nearly compatible with every social networking app out there. More importantly, assuming you don’t abuse your tweets, you can build a solid network of followers to link up to your pages and help you get really viral: FAST. It’s growing quickly, so getting in on the ground floor and building up your followers and who you’re following is key.

So there it is: the top 5 social marketing tools every SEO/SEM needs to be on. I’d be interested in seeing some other lists on this, other opinions of what other SEOs consider invaluable social networking tools.

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  1. is feedburner technically a social network? more of a tool I think. but you are correct, very necessary. nice list.

    Also, if you are in SEO, Sphinn IS essential, but if your business is something else, it becomes less relevant. I would list StubleUpon if you list Digg. But of course this list changes for any specific business. Whatever your business model is wil determine the top 5 social networks that are right for you.

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